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Dr. Calvin George, D.C.

Back Pain Doctor Calvin GeorgeDr. Calvin George completed his undergraduate studies at Utah State University in Logan Utah where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business administration and economics.

After graduation he Worked for Xerox For six years as a technical representative and a field engineer in San Jose California and Rochester New York. All during those years he had been plagued by low back pain from having a horse rare over backwards on him when he was in high school on the Family farm in Montana. While at Xerox he was receiving physical therapy for his low back injuries but the problem continued to worsen until he was told he needed low back surgery.His coworkers at xerox, often seeing him in pain,Told him to go see their chiropractor. He hardly knew what a chiropractor was at that time but he knew he didn’t want surgery so he went to the chiropractor. The chiropractor examined him and told him that his pelvis and spine were badly twisted compressing on nerves and causing him pain, and he could help .The chiropractor gave him a treatment plan and he followed it and overtime got better.

Life seemed so much better and happier to be able to live without pain that he decided he wanted to share The help he had received and help others. He decided to switch from fixing machines to fixing and healing people So he moved his family, wife and four small children, To Lombard Illinois to attend national college of chiropractic and become a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. George has since been caring for the people of Addison and the western suburbs for the last 30+ years.

Dr. George has been acknowledged as a master technician with many of the most widely used adjusting techniques such as diversified, activator, applied kinesiology ( AK) and extremity adjusting. He also has extensive experience in pediatrics and nutrition and is certified in weight loss.

Dr. George has extensive experience in providing specialized care for patients suffering from both cervical and lumbar back problems. Dr. George has over 30 years experience in providing specialized care for patients suffering from both cervical and lumbar disc herniation‘s as well as final stenosis neuropathy and degenerative changes to the discs and vertebrae.

Dr. George is a wellness doctor with the goal of restoring health and function and vitality as well as handling his patient’s pain.

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